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As the year winds down, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of those who've demonstrated support this past summer, in sponsoring our first NLTE Tournament Travel Team!  Your support caused the NLTE Tournament Travel Team to be a great success! We were able to take four junior student-athletes (18 and under) to regional, national and collegiate tournaments. Their exposure and experiences were astronomical, and watching their growth and development was amazing!

Some of you came to our matches and demonstrated your support by showing up and cheering!  Another sponsored a dinner for the student-athletes at an elite five star restaurant!  Still, more donated financially and enabled us to meet our fiscal objectives!  All of the support that we received was much appreciated!

We are now shifting our focus to developing an even younger student body-- the NLTE 10 and Under Team.  These student-athletes will be ready for competition in the summer of 2023. We will keep you in the loop as the new year progresses, in hopes that we can count on your support again!  NLTE is ALWAYS looking for coaches and influential board members, please contact us if you have any interest in either of these areas, or if you know someone who may qualify to assist our student-athletes in elevating to the next level!


Thanks  Again!

Thomas & Tomika Konditi 

Active Aces

James Brodie 

Frank Dickey 

Robert & Jane Young

Greg Harrelson 

Ethan Carson 





Peter Townes 

Executive Director 



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