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Next Level Tennis & Education Scholarships

In the six month period between September 2019 and March 2020, NLTE unfortunately, lost two of our matriarchs.  Although their presence will be sorely missed personally, professionally they served as great supporters and encouragers throughout NLTE’s entire existence.  Their support was in the form of verbal accolades and monetary contribution.  For this reason, NLTE has established the following scholarship programs in honor of the TOWNES MATRIARCHS:  ​

The Eleanor T. Williams Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship assists students with awards to supplement educational needs, such as: tuition (private school and/or college), books, and an exhaustive list of school supplies including but not limited to: paper, pens, notebooks, laptops, and uniforms.  In addition, special themed annual grants will be announced on any given year to aid a chosen student's ability to learn and achieve success in the classroom.


The Annette M. Townes Memorial Scholarship

This grant awards students with funding towards obtaining tennis training fees and equipment, including: private lessons, school year clinics, summer camp, tournament fees, travel expenses, appropriate shoes, age-related rackets, specific gear and replacement strings.  The purpose of these grants is to ease the burden for families who are highly committed to the sport.  



Scholarships will be announced prior to each season.  Closing submissions will be at the beginning of the current program, when applicable.  Scholarships are based on various criteria including:  financial need and/or exceptional ability.  Scholarships are submitted to the board of directors of NLTE.  All final approval is subject to the call of the Executive Director.  Not all scholarships or grants will be made public when funding is coming directly from NLTE, in order to protect the privacy of the recipients of any given grant;  However, the names of all grantees will be published if they've been the recipient of an award given to NLTE on behalf of another sponsor.

Donate Today

No donation is to small.  Your gift reaches athletes facing obsticaes by helping them achieve their tennis and educational goals.  Donating is a two step process: Step 1: Select which scholarship fund would you would like to donate to.  Step 2: Click the donate button to donate to the scholarship fund.  

STEP 1: Identify Scholarship

STEP 2: Donate

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