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Director of Education 

Director of Education

Dr. Meri Robinson

Over the past 17 years Meri has supervised several different technology implementations across 75 Title I Schools. To successfully bring together cutting edge, fast changing, continually evolving technologies such as the mobile devices and robotics into an established large scale educational system requires patience, persistence, vision, discipline, dedication, and commitment. Meri has a dynamic, unique leadership style that showcases the creative talents of others and provides an opportunity for them to excel. 

Meri's thinking style enables her to sort through clutter to find the best route.  She is able to accurately evaluate and analyze patterns, which often gives her the ability to see around the next corner and avoid potential obstacles.  She is relentless in her pursuit to accomplish the task or mission set before her. This internal fire allows her to set the pace for the team and fuels her with the energy to work long hours with ease without burning out. With excellence as her standard, she is attracted to projects that will allow me to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.   Thus, she has the unique skill sets to be a visionary who has the talents to create the project and manage the entire process to completion. 

A successful entrepreneur in the area of team building and personal development, Meri’s straight from the heart, high-energy, passionate message motivates and engages all audiences to challenge the boundaries of education. Her transparency, warmth and passion for teaching has been the catalyst that has inspired thousands to see their unlimited potential and realize their personal greatness. 

Living her life full time, Meri has mastered the art of balance. As a successful educator and entrepreneur, Meri has committed her life to the positive transformation of others. Meri believes her greatest success is her family. Married for 24 years, Meri has a busy lifestyle as a mother of three beautiful, active children ages 26, 23 and 12. 

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