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Elementary After School Programs

Next Level Tennis and Education is set up to partner with elementary schools.  Our program starts immediately after school, on school property (gymnasium, recreation room, tennis court, etc).   The age group for this program is 7-10 years.  

Tutoring for 20 or more students (limit 40 students per school). Schools that qualify for tutoring, NLTE will identify a in house teacher who is willing to lead the tutoring portion of the program.  Schools with tutoring will divide into two groups that switch training after 1.5hrs.  Student’s will receive a drink and a snack immediately upon entering the class.

This after school program is meant to challenge the participants mentally and physically.  NLTE envisions cultivating a generation of student-athletes who are disciplined, thoughtful, discerning, and powerful influencers, who utilize competitive coping strategies (independently and as a member of a team) to expertly manage life and work stress.


We teach all the fundamentals of the game, where all students learn to rally and compete.  Competitive matches against other schools culminating in a Spring and Fall Elementary Championships.  To signup your school please contact Executive Director at or 404-604-1461.

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