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There are many ways to achieve temporary athletic ability.  However, in order to cultivate a lifetime of athletic endurance, there is only one way:  You must stay fit both internally and externally.  Our approach of building student-athletes who can endure various challenges in every aspect of their lives, creates the trait of perseverance.  They are trained to push their limits, and to exceed their expectations.  We spend our time and energy building rapport with each student-athlete, honing their strengths, and re-training any areas of weakness.  Our coaches are devoted to knowing the student-athlete’s ability, and tailoring excellent tennis processes and proven academic strategies to each individual's area of need.

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Next Level Tennis and Education

Next Level Tennis was founded in Washington , DC on January 1998. Originally established to prepare youth for collegiate and professional tennis, we developed sound techniques in stroke production, footwork & strategies tailored to each student’s attributes. In 2004, Next Level Tennis relocated to Atlanta, Georgia for twelve years in order to give our student-athletes better opportunities for competing professionally. In 2018 Next Level Tennis, recognizing the lack of funding for talented and committed student-athletes, converted into a non-profit entity, and was renamed: Next Level Tennis And Education (NLTE). NLTE was founded to support student-athletes who desire to take their athletic and academic skills to the highest levels.

Our System

Parents, I speak to you directly because without parental support, the student-athlete may not have the opportunity to go as far as our team can push them.  Parents, you can expect the staff at NLTE to be tough, compassionate, driven, and honest. You can expect your student-athlete to grow in integrity and in work ethic.  You can expect to see a student-athlete who is confident, capable, and committed.  But you cannot expect them to do it without YOU!  We expect parental support, because we know that it works!

Our End Result Expectations

Who Are We?

Core Values & Objectives

Core Values

Many promising athletes are good students in the making.  Athletes are built for strong instruction.  You may not be able to see it right away, but athletes crave sound teaching.  That’s why great coaches change lives. At NLTE, we believe that when training opportunities are open to those who’ve been previously prevented from receiving the best (due to whatever circumstances) there is no telling just how far a student-athlete can go .  Unfortunately, without the right guidance, many student-athletes will not realize their potential, and the best they will ever become is someone who played something at one time long ago. Our value lies in our ability to train, teach, coach, and guide our student-athletes into beneficial settings, and to support them so that they will reach beyond what's temporary, and grasp life long objectives.

Meet the Founder

Meet Peter A. Townes,
Executive Director.

“At 14 years old, I decided to play tennis.  Like much of my young life, if I put my mind to a thing, I accomplished it.  It wasn’t from my mother’s investment, or my father’s encouragement that I was driven to the courts of D.C.  It was because my father left behind a racket, some tennis balls, and the will of an athlete. Arthur Ashe inspired me from the television when he defeated Jimmy Connors in Wimbledon.  I looked at him and realized that he was doing something that I could do, so I did it!” - Peter Townes


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Executive Director and Founder, Peter A. Townes, attended South Carolina State University on a full tennis scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Art in English with a minor in Journalism.  He then went on to coach student-athletes who became productive citizens: doctors, lawyers, teachers, and businessmen/women. To his credit, two of the Founder’s adult children obtained Division 1 tennis scholarships, and one earned the National Merit Award, then walked onto her Division 1 Tennis Team and became team captain for three years.  His eldest son maintains the title of Head Mens & Womens Tennis Coach at a Division 1 university.

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-- Jackson Mcilwain, Prince George's County Maryland


Going into training with Coach Pete I was not continuously expected to uphold a certain level of dedication and effort in my tennis career. So, in the beginning I had to feel out the way practice was going to go for me in the same expectations that were required. And after the first day I could tell it would be beneficial overall to stick with that program. And at the end of the six weeks, I feel and know that My tennis game has seen major improvements. Not just my tennis game but me as a person now, I am more inspired and disciplined in my craft.

Being a part of NLTE's first travel team it has really hindered the amount of sleep I get. But there have been many advantages and upsides to the past six weeks. My endurance speed, strength and overall athleticism have improved tremendously. The past weeks have also allowed me to increase my consistency to the point where I can hit 100 balls in a row. Not only that but my confidence in self-belief skyrocketed through the roof to the point where I think I can take on anybody that comes on the other side of the court.


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