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NLTE was awarded a $5k grant for our after-school program by the DC Rotary Club and a
grant in the amount of $17.5k from the USTA Foundation for our summer camp program.

 1. Crystal Reed
     Washington, DC 20018

Since Elise began participating in the tennis program, I have noticed improvements in both her technical skills and her passion for the sport. Coach Peter has demonstrated a
remarkable ability to tailor his coaching approach to suit individual needs. He’s supportive
and has an encouraging environment where every student feels empowered to reach their
full potential.

 2. Alona Joyner

Ward 7 Resident
Coach Peter and his team provided my child with an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as a tennis player and contributed positively to his development. Please extend my gratitude to the team for their hard work and dedication.

 3.  Jessica Desvarieux, DC       Resident, Ward 5

Since enrolling in the Next Level Tennis program, my son has shown remarkable
improvement in his tennis skills and overall demeanor. Coach Pete and his team
have provided exceptional instruction, fostering not only his athletic abilities but also
his character and discipline. The holistic approach of combining tennis wit
education has been invaluable, shaping him into a well-rounded individual.

 4.  Derek Gorham
      DC Resident
      DCPS Employee

I have the utmost confidence in Coach Pete and Next Level Tennis' ability to contribute significantly to growing and improving tennis programming in DC and making a lasting impact on the players under his guidance. His unparalleled dedication, expertise, and passion for the sport make him an invaluable asset to youth tennis programming in the city. I wholeheartedly endorse him without reservation.

 5. Zénide Rose

Coach Mark of Next Level Tennis and Education at Fort Lincoln Park. My daughter, who is 9 years old, has been playing tennis for about one year, and Coach Mark is her second
instructor. Compared to the first instructor she worked with (also through DPR), Coach Mark is such a breath of fresh air! He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, approachable, encouraging, and just fantastic with the kids. He successfully manages multiple skill levels, brings a ton of energy to each lesson, and has helped my child become a markedly better player.

 6. Alicia Swenson                    O'Brien    & 
     Timothy O'Brien

We are Washington, DC, residents, and our four children have participated in Next Level
tennis programming for the past four-plus years. Pete's programs were a godsend during the early days of the COVID pandemic when our children spent all day inside and separated from peers. Pete found a way to implement safe, fun, and educational programming for children across the city during a very challenging time. Our kids were immediately hooked on the sport thanks to Pete's patience. He and his staff over the years have managed to make it fun while teaching the principles and instilling discipline.


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